It is an old adage of not looking a gift horse in the mouth, but it is equally prudent to note that there are no free lunches. Hence, when such handsome free bonuses are offered by online gambling sites, it is advisable to take some time off to read in between the lines. Very often, there will be a catch associated with such a bounty and this catch may prove a big hindrance when you want to cash out. It is advisable to read the fine prints where such bonuses are offered. It is not wise to just accept whatever promotional bonus is offered, but you need to weigh the pros and cons of accepting the offer. You may enjoy the bonus now but repent later when you want to withdraw your earnings and the play-through requirements are quite to your disadvantage.

Online sites offer bountiful bonuses in the form of cash or even free chips to play with. These bonuses enhance your bankroll and also your chances of scoring a hit. Such promotions are offered to new players and are absolutely legit. But they may come with riders in small print which may prevent you from withdrawing your winnings from such bonuses. Hence, it will be to your benefit if you would consider the necessity of accepting such incentives. Are these incentives really needed and are they beneficial should be the primary questions you need to ask yourself though this seems to be a win-win situation because the lure of these bonuses wins over new players and retains them.

As you may not know, the online sites have to protect themselves from wily players who play with these bonuses and try to cash out without risking their own cash. In such instances, the bonuses act like charity and to prevent such happenings, the online gambling casinos insist on play-through requirements. These requirements may vary from site to site. Normally, there is a rollover required of the bonus amount claimed by you. This works in a very simple and uncomplicated manner. If the rollover stipulated is 10x for an initial signup $20 bonus, then you have to place at least $200 as bets ($20 x 10 = $200). These casinos are geared up at making profits and are not charity houses. There are also instances where the players can utilize these bonuses to negate the small odds which the house enjoys such as in the game of Blackjack. Therefore, the casinos try to protect themselves from such nuisances by imposing some hindrances to withdrawal of winnings in their terms and conditions of playing on their site.

Hence, all players should peruse the terms and conditions minutely or else may find themselves with winnings which cannot be withdrawn due to some glitches in the terms and conditions. The casinos also try to shield themselves from players who register multiple times just to take advantage of these free bonuses. If you are a casual player who visits such online casinos rarely, then it might not benefit you to lay a claim to such bonuses. Also, there may be a time limit within which such bonuses and the winnings attached to them can be withdrawn. It is always wise to do your research well before launching yourself aimlessly onto such bonuses as with the case with most things in life.

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