As the numbers of online poker sites available to the player are literally numbered in thousands, it pays to research which one would work best for you before signing up. The first thing you will need to do is check that a site that interests you is able to be active in the country where you live, or you intend to travel for any length of time from that country that is your destination.

Check poker room reviews to find actual user information about the validity of the bonuses and promotions on offer. There are a number of practical checks that you can do to ensure you have an enjoyable experience. One of the first things to ascertain is that the poker room site is secure, friendly and easy to navigate. Secondly, you should check out the poker room bonus and promotion details. All the best poker rooms will offer new players a poker bonus; if a site you are looking at does not offer a bonus or promotion, simply don’t join.

Sometimes called real money sites, the top poker rooms offer the new player real money in his account. This bonus can be used immediately and is particularly interesting if you are not so experienced as you can enhance your skills without immediately having to use your own money. Apart from the welcome bonus from the poker room, there are a number of good options from the top poker rooms. Look out for the possibility to play in live tournaments with players that are of similar skill level to you. The top poker rooms offer league tables and the chance to invite other players to play with you at a time and on a date that works for you. This is not all; the top sites offer monthly specials that can include free rolls and the chance to earn points that can be used for merchandise in the poker rooms’ catalogue.

You will be well advised to decide if you are a high roller or on a more modest budget. This is important as different poker rooms have different offers and the top poker rooms have different perks for high rollers in their own attractive ways. As you may know that in 2006, a new legislation was passed to restrict US poker players’ choice of top poker rooms they have access to. So do check that the site you are interested in does accept US players. The good news is that since this legislation was passed, most of those that accept US players are some of the top legitimate poker rooms offering fair play to their customers. Scams or conspiracies are almost unheard of at these top poker rooms.

As a final point, you should check that your skill level matches the top poker room you wish to join. If you are inexperienced, look for a site that offers you a high welcome real money bonus and also, it caters for players of your caliber. Also take note of the different poker games that are on offer on the site you are interested in. Some game varieties offer greater bonuses and promotions and perhaps you could find that you are able to play well at a certain type of poker that you may not yet be familiar with. Seek out these top poker rooms’ bonuses today and make a killing!