If you are a gambler then you surely agree with me on this one: the only thing that can top a Las Vegas vacation is another free Las Vegas vacation. I still remember back in the day, when Las Vegas casinos were offering around 5% of what you used to deposit back in comps in the form of tickets to very popular shows, free meals, rounds of golf, limo rides, plane tickets and you would never leave a gift shop without a full basket. Those were the days!

The good news is that you still get the freebies

From what I’ve noticed, things haven’t changed a lot in terms of who gets “comped”. Obviously, if you plan a trip to Las Vegas and have a strict budget of $1000 to play at the casino, then don’t expect anything. However, if you are there to have fun for a week and come well prepared to spend let’s say around $50,000, then do expect your share of freebies, rewards and comps. And, this has become a rule of thumb in all casinos across the country.

What changed?

What actually changed from the “good old days” is the fact that gamblers are using plastic money nowadays. Therefore, instead of coming in the form of a gift basket, meal and limo drives, the freebies these days are more like plastic comps that allow you to play several free games at the slots, roulette and whatever game you prefer in a casino.

In addition, it is necessary to mention the fact that most casinos credit their players with points for each dollar spent in there. Even though according to politics for the vast majority of casinos the comps cannot exceed 1% of what the player has invested, you still get something back. It’s not much, but people seem to be really fond of this reward.

Tips to help you get as many comps as possible

The golden rule to receiving freebies from the casinos where you enjoy playing comprises of making sure that they have your name in the client database. Sure, you will get some spam in the email from time to time. But, you can also be certain to receive great offers and comps, especially during the slower season. The next step you need to take is to acquire Player’s Club cards from all the casinos that you regularly play in while you visit Las Vegas. Once you took care of these two key issues, remember to be nice to the pit boss and make sure you play at a slower pace (more time to get freebies).

Try free scratch cards for your daily dose of comps.

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