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If you are a gambler then you surely agree with me on this one: the only thing that can top a Las Vegas vacation is another free Las Vegas vacation. I still remember back in the day, when Las Vegas casinos were offering around 5% of what you used to deposit back in comps in the form of tickets to very popular shows, free meals, rounds of golf, limo rides, plane tickets and you would never leave a gift shop without a full basket. Those were the days!

The good news is that you still get the freebies

From what I’ve noticed, things haven’t changed a lot in terms of who gets “comped”. Obviously, if you plan a trip to Las Vegas and have a strict budget of $1000 to play at the casino, then don’t expect anything. However, if you are there to have fun for a week and come well prepared to spend let’s say around $50,000, then do expect your share of freebies, rewards and comps. And, this has become a rule of thumb in all casinos across the country.

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