Most of the casinos online offer bonuses and promotional offers to attract new players and to keep them coming back. Some of the casinos offer free sign up bonuses which match the amount of deposit made by the player or they might just offer a no deposit bonus which means that the player need not make any deposit to earn this additional freebie.

It is prudent to read the fine print when such bonuses are offered. Most of the times, these are promotional offers which are very legitimate. There is no scam involved. But sometimes there is a catch as to the withdrawal requirements which you may have to fulfill before being allowed to cash out. Hence, it is prudent to check out all the details associated with the free promo offers given by these casinos and learn about the withdrawal requirements before accepting such offers. For genuine long term players who are more interested in sustained gambling online and not just cashing out with the freebies, these bonuses have intrinsic value and importance for they increase the player’s bankrolls.

This is the reason for online casinos to place requirements for play-through so that players do not walk away with winnings from free bonuses granted to them. There are numerous permutations and combinations regarding permission for cashing out. For example, some casinos may fix a limit of number of times this free bonus has to be rolled over before you can withdraw your winnings. For example, for a $10 bonus with a play-through of 10x, it would mean that you have to bet at least $100 ($10 x 10= $100) and if you were to win $5000 then all you have to do is to fulfill the requirement of betting $100 and walk away with the balance. Or you may continue to play for bigger winnings.

Be advised to always screen these freebies because some casinos may not include playing certain games in their withdrawal requirements or may have near impossible to fulfill requirements or just do not allow you to withdraw winnings from such bonuses. Normally, table games are not included in your withdrawal requirements for no deposit bonuses. If such games are included then you may be at an advantage of easily meeting these requirements than playing the slot machines.

Online poker rooms instead usually base the playthrough requirements on raked hands – that are the hands in which the online poker room takes a piece of the pot (rake) – or points. Some sites may require the rake to reach a certain value to count it as raked, while other ones may consider any hand generating a rake as raked. The underlying mechanism is simple: the player must produce enough income for the poker room to offset the cost of the bonus. It is easy to say that the process will be time consuming, especially at the lower stakes tables.

It is also logical to check out the bonuses withdrawal requirements because each casino will have a customized set of rules and regulations. Some casinos may limit the amount of withdrawal permitted which might be a percentage of winnings from such bonuses. The excess amount will not be permitted for cashing out and you may have to forgo those amounts. In addition, the withdrawal may not be permitted for players from certain specific countries due to statutory reasons or even payment of such no deposit bonuses may be available to players from certain countries only. There is a usual belief that some balance amount must be left for you to play again. But this may apply to sites which do not offer you new bonuses every time you deposit cash. Since numerous online gambling sites now offer you bonuses every time you deposit, it may be advisable to cash out the entire winnings and enjoy them!

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