Keep an eye out for these types of poker player. If you spot them, make sure to keep a close note of their moves and even their username – they can be exploited for big wins!

Identifying certain categories of players is one step towards total domination of the poker board, and is something that the world famous players do all the time.

drunk1. The drunk

This one is common both in the casinos and online. Most likely to be stumbling around, or making ludicrous bets when you are playing poker online, the drunk is someone to be approached with caution in case all of their wild betting does actually pay off (and I’ve seen this happen before!).

However, most of the time the drunk is a cash cow that is ready to be milked. The lack of inhibitions and increased confidence means that those drunk poker players often wake up the next morning with not just a hangover but a hole in their bank account with your name on it.

rich2. The rich

Often those players that have the big bucks can be similar in style of play to the drunk. They are “in it for a laugh” and aren’t necessarily bothered about losing money. For them, it is all about the play.

They are in it for a good time, rather than playing for the big win, so take advantage of this with a few tactically placed bets that strip their wallet bare.

Geek-Fish3. The fish

Ripe for the picking, and believe us when we say it is much better to be a shark than a fish – especially if you actually want to make money playing poker online. Pick up on little signs such as not waiting for the big blind when betting, the amount of money they are putting on the table, and even things as simple as their username can serve as a simple way to tell their professionalism and even their age.

cowboyFor example HotChick92 might not seem like an expert poker player. Sweeping generalisation, of course, but usually right on the money.

4. The chaser

One of the easier players to take down, and all because their pride will not allow them to fold without a fight. There is a player of this calibre in almost every single online poker room. They will not back down, no matter what, and will chase that win forever. As long as they believe there is a small chance they can win – that’s what will happen.

old-gentleman5. The older gentleman

The older player may be experienced but when it comes to playing poker online, sometimes it can move a bit quick for them to make informed decisions. And it’s not because their brain has slowed down, it seems to generally be because playing online requires a different poker strategy to playing face to face. It requires practise and most importantly research – something that the majority of experienced, older poker players do not do.

So now you know the top 5 players that it is possible to win money off within any online poker game. Keep an eye out for these stereotypes and you could find yourself really in the big money.

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