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Keep an eye out for these types of poker player. If you spot them, make sure to keep a close note of their moves and even their username – they can be exploited for big wins!

Identifying certain categories of players is one step towards total domination of the poker board, and is something that the world famous players do all the time.

drunk1. The drunk

This one is common both in the casinos and online. Most likely to be stumbling around, or making ludicrous bets when you are playing poker online, the drunk is someone to be approached with caution in case all of their wild betting does actually pay off (and I’ve seen this happen before!).

However, most of the time the drunk is a cash cow that is ready to be milked. The lack of inhibitions and increased confidence means that those drunk poker players often wake up the next morning with not just a hangover but a hole in their bank account with your name on it.

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