There are no free lunches in the world but there may be many freebies. Competition is very stiff in modern world and unique ways have to be designed to attract and retain customers. Not only brick and mortar stores but even the online stores and particularly the gambling websites need to offer highly attractive freebies to bring in new players and to retain their loyal players.

In reality, it is a two-way traffic street when promotional bonuses are offered by these gaming sites. It is a win-win situation for both parties because not only do the gambling sites attract new players to generate more profit, these new players also benefit with these bonuses because they help to increase their bankroll. The new players have to be prudent enough to study the intricacies of these bonuses and learn how and when to cash in on them to increase their corpus funds.

There is the persistent fear of being taken for a ride which prevents many a player from depositing money while trying to gamble online. This is accentuated by the offerings of freebies advertised by these gambling sites. You are usually averse to philanthropic actions of businesses and wonder why anyone would dole out $500 just for you joining or agreeing to play online. The answer is actually simple; it’s marketing or think of it as business promotion. Just like in any department store, you are bound to come across promotional offers of ‘buy 1 get 1 free’ to attract customers, similarly these gambling sites are also competing among themselves and offer such hefty promotional bonuses. In reality, this stiff competition among these sites has led to them offering such attractive bonuses and for individuals to be attracted by these bonuses and be enlisted with that particular site. This has led to the vast and quick popularity of online gambling. Simply put, these bonuses have been the catalyst that has ignited the fire of online gambling.

One of the most regular and common type of bonus offered is the deposit bonus. It works in a very simple way when the site matches your deposit. For example, when the promo offer says that the gambling site will offer a bonus of 100% of your bonus up to $500, it means that the site will match your deposit amount up to a maximum of $500. That is if you deposit $100, you will get an additional amount of $100 from the site to play and if you deposit $500 then another $500 will be added by the site making your total bankroll worth $1000. This sort of bonus usually attracts many new players to the site.

Another attractive promo is the no-deposit bonuses whereby you do not have to deposit any cash to play but are offered $5 to $20 to visit this gambling site and play. There is a catch to this free offer because even if you turn your $5 into a $100, you may not be able to cash out unless you make a deposit. More often than not, it is advisable to look a gift horse in the mouth and check out his teeth. There are numerous Ts and Cs associated with these bonuses. The bonuses offered are legitimate offers which are intended to generate new memberships for the sites. These bonuses also enable you to enhance your bankroll and double your chances of making a kill. After all, you are getting double your money’s worth by these offers of freebies. As long as you play with control and discipline, the fact that gambling websites dish out promotional bonuses will always benefit you as a player.

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