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In essence, the poker chips represent the money denominations used in casinos and home games. Their different designs and colors point out to a certain cash value and sometimes help the players keep the score in the non-wagering matches. It is important to note that in official tournaments and casinos, the poker chips actually represent real money that the players can cash out whenever they stop playing. From this point of view, the poker chips can be seen as functional, since they provide a fast and easy way to wager a bet without having to bother counting down the money in your wallet.

However, if you were to think about it, they are also part of the charm of the game. The introduction of the chips in the poker environment had a psychological impact and made the game attractive to both people that like to risk and those that do not. Basically, if you are wagering with chips, rather than real money, you are not as reluctant in placing higher bets and this makes the game more interesting. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why so many people prefer using chips whenever they are playing a friendly game of poker with their friends at home.

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